Verdani’s 10 Steps to Green a Portfolio

Develop a strategic plan to achieve your Environmental Social Governance goals including creating a long term vision, mission and core values.
Develop and implement ESG policies, perform energy audits, and invest in efficiency improvements to achieve your sustainability goals and targets.
Establish a dedicated team of experts who work with you on an ongoing basis. This may include the owner, consultants, contractors, commissioning agents, etc.
Attain recognized green building certifications including Energy Star and LEED to demonstrate a commitment to good environmental practices and improved public image.
Set quantifiable goals and targets (short and long-term) which will serve as the foundation toward reaching your ESG goals.
Develop and implement stake-holder engagement programs to improve your portfolio’s performance.
Benchmark your properties to assess the current performance of total energy use. Understanding energy consumption patterns results in a high potential of savings.
Establish and maintain partnerships with sustainable organizations and data management system providers to help you achieve your ESG goals.
Develop a centralized Environmental Management System (EMS) to outline the commitments and policy, planning, implementation, and evaluation strategies.
Report your progress on an annual basis to organizations like GRESB and CDP to evaluate performance, and improve your credibility and reputation.

Sustainability is What We Do Best

Verdani Partners provides a wide range of sustainability services in the existing buildings and corporate sustainability sectors. We work with public and private real-estate building owners and managers, as well as corporations.

Whether our clients own a single building or a wide portfolio, we always seek to bring the most cost-effective and impactful strategies for reducing energy, water, waste and carbon emissions, while maximizing occupant well-being, and financial returns. From the initial assessment and strategic goal setting to the implementation phase, our clients are able to leverage Verdani Partners’ extensive experience to ensure success.


Corporate ESG Management

We maximize efficiency across our client’s portfolio by designing scalable programs and solutions that apply to all of our client’s properties. Through the creation of a portfolio-wide ESG strategies, we are able to have a greater impact and our clients realize higher savings and reductions in usage.
Verdani provides our clients with a comprehensive ESG strategy. We work with key decision makers and executives to define a vision and mission and develop goals and targets.
An Environmental Management System (EMS) is an important piece to our ESG package. We create a detailed strategy that encompasses goals and targets, communication and branding, stakeholder engagement, benchmarking, and regulation. In addition, we ensure that all our EMS documents are in line with ISO 14001 Standards.
Each of our clients is equipped with a personalized SharePoint Site to manage and share important ESG files. The site contains resources such as policies, the EMS, branding material, trainings, and webinar presentations.
Verdani Partners handles all aspects of Annual Sustainability Report creation from content writing to graphic design. We align our reports with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 indicators.
Increasingly more investors and stakeholders are turning towards ESG reporting as a way to gauge a company’s results performance and transparency in operations. Verdani manages the submission process for the major reporting entities including: GRESB, UNPRI, CDP, and BBC. As a member of the GRESB Benchmark Committee, our Founder and President ensures that our team stays up-to-date on ESG and reporting market trends. Verdani’s experience and our client’s success has earned us the designation of a Premiere GRESB Partner. In 2015, our clients received 1st, 3rd, and 5th place in their respective sectors.
Stakeholder support and engagement is critical to the success of any sustainability or corporate responsibility program. Verdani works with our clients to implement a robust communication program to engage tenants, employees, and stakeholders. We employ a variety of methods including newsletters, memos, educational webinars and trainings, surveys, a corporate responsibility website, and sustainability-focused events. In addition, Verdani utilizes our industry connections to facilitate partnerships with key industry groups and professionals.

LEED Consulting

Verdani Partners has over 15 years of experience certifying buildings nationwide, from LEED feasibility through the re-certification process. Within the office space category alone, Verdani has led the certification process for over 13+ million square feet for buildings across the country.

Verdani Partners specializes in LEED for Existing Buildings Operation + Maintenance (LEED-EB:O&M) certification and recertification. Our intent is to assist in helping existing buildings achieve high-performance, healthful, durable, affordable, and environmentally sound practices in existing buildings. Benefits of LEED EB: O+M Certification include:

  • Measurement, Verification and Validation tool
  • Consistent and credible benchmarking for green buildings
  • Raises the bar on sustainable building standards
  • Acts as a “seal of approval” that lends credibility
  • Allows for approaching green building holistically
  • Easy to communicate sustainability goals with the team
  • The financial advantages to owning LEED Certified buildings include lower operating costs, higher ROI, increases in occupancy and rent and higher resale value.
  • Market differentiation & reputation, growing tenant demand, reduced obsolescence and lower energy cost risks.
LEED Assessment: Not all buildings are created equal. A preliminary building audit may be useful to evaluate current conditions at the individual building level to an entire building portfolio to a whole building campus. The feasibility study is the first step towards certification. It enables our team of expert professionals to quickly assess the building(s) likelihood of certification, and the necessary steps to get there in the most effective and timely manner. To determine how the buildings perform and operate within the scope of LEED EB: O&M, the assessment generally focuses on the following areas:

  • Minimum Program Requirements attainment
  • Prerequisite Performance
  • Minimum Energy and Water Efficiency
  • Project Credit-by-Credit Review
  • Opportunity for Policy and Program Recommendations

GAP Analysis: A LEED GAP Analysis is the second step in the process that will provide support in determining what type of work is involved and the steps associated to achieve the LEED certification of your choice.

Verdani Partners teams of experts provide full service support to successfully achieve LEED Certification. We have experience working with LEED Certification projects since 2005. Our services include:

  • Project Registration
  • Policies & Plans Development & Implementation
  • LEED Training
  • LEED Charettes and Design Meetings
  • Preparing LEED Documentation
  • Ongoing coordination with project team
  • LEED Online Management
  • Project Submission
  • Answering Clarification Requests

Recertification: Once a building has achieved a LEED EB+OM certification, and within 5 years of its certification award, a re-certification is required to maintain the LEED EB+OM status. Verdani Partners has established a set of convenient steps, tools, templates and sample documents to help building owners ensure the re-certification is guaranteed, greatly facilitating the process. Our on-going service in support of the re-certification process is a cost effective and hassle free path to re-certification, which relies on our years of experience and up-to-date certification knowledge and accreditation.

The LEED Volume Program has been established to stream-line the certification process for corporation, owners and entities looking to apply LEED certification across multiple buildings. Our team has prepared documentation for the very first LEED Volume Pilot Program and has sample documentation that can easily be adapted to support your LEED Certification goals in a more cost effective and expedited way. Our goal is to fill any internal capacity and expertise gaps and strategically support teams that are managing large portfolios to help them achieve quantum improvements in building performance faster and cost effectively. Key benefits of the LEED Volume Program include:

  • Efficient and affordable comprehensive LEED implementation process
  • Economy of scale with uniform building operations and maintenance practices
  • Lower costs for implementing LEED certification
  • Our team has significant experience with the LEED Volume
  • Program and its specific guidelines. In addition to having certified several LEED EB+OM buildings, we have also participated on the USGBC’s Pilot program for Volume Certification of large portfolios and are familiar with the in-works of larger organizations, and how to effectively manage the process at large scale.
The LEED Dynamic Plaque (LDP) is a monitoring and scoring platform that provides real-time ongoing building performance. This stream-lined certification process is conducted on an annual basis. Verdani Partners is excited about this program and provides the tools and consulting services for your building to effectively achieve certification through this alternative recertification path.
The EPA’s I-BEAM audit will help identify any indoor air quality issues within your building that may impact equipment energy efficiency. Verdani will provide the following services:

  • Conduct a site visit
  • Complete a walk-through in compliance with EPA’s IBEAM audit forms
  • Provide a list of issues and proposed remedies

Engineering Services

The Energy Star Portfolio Manager on-line tool helps building owners track and assess energy and water consumption, GHG emissions, and waste generation within individual buildings as well as across entire building portfolios. Verdani Partners can provide the following ongoing support:

  • Benchmark your building on Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Assist with maintaining up to date profile information and utility data.
Benchmarked buildings with an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher are eligible to apply for an ENERGY STAR Certification. A Licensed Professional at Verdani Partners can sign and seal the ENERGY STAR application. With the growing market demand for ENERGY STAR Certification, Verdani Partners is committed to providing the following services for your application and helping your building achieve an ENERGY STAR award.

  • Conduct site visits to verify data and assess indoor environmental quality
  • Sign and stamp ENERGY Star applications
  • Provide additional application support and documentation
ASHRAE energy audits are powerful tools for understanding how your building is performing and why. Information gathered from these audits is used to create a list of energy conservations measures (ECMs) to help buildings conserve energy and lower operating expenses. Verdani provides two level of ASHRAE audits.

ASHRAE Level I Audit:

  • A full day site visit
  • Building benchmarking using EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Analyze utility bill data
  • A list of no-cost/low-cost in-house recommendations with estimated energy and cost savings
  • A list of capital measure recommendations
  • Building energy balance

ASHRAE Level II Audit: This audit includes everything from the Level I Audit but with a more detailed financial analysis of each ECM, as well as recommendations about coordinating efforts with operation and maintenance procedures. This added analysis helps the project managers make more educated decisions when selecting which measures to implement. The added scope of a Level II Audit are listed below:

  • Project implementation quotes, operating costs, and achievable savings
  • Detailed description of each recommended ECM
  • Energy and cost savings, payback period, increased asset value, and ROI for each ECM
  • A list of additional benefits to operation and maintenance, occupancy comfort, incentives, and lifecycle
  • Recommended Measurement & Verification methods for each ECM
  • Provide calculations to determine the minimum required outdoor air operating level for mechanical building system
  • Provide outside air ventilation measurements of mechanical building systems
  • Modify and maintain ventilation distribution systems to ensure ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007 compliance.
Verdani Partners developed sustainability criteria and due diligence procedures to be used as a resource to evaluate potential environmental performance of new investments during property condition assessments. New investments are evaluated in order to identify both risks and opportunities that may impact investment returns. By implementing these green building and performance steps the expectation is to:

  • Impact the capital investment decisions
  • Better position the client in the real estate sector when it comes to improving sustainability performance
  • Remain competitive
  • Minimize risks
  • Create additional value for the client and their tenants.

The Sustainability Due Diligence Report will include:

  • Sustainability statement
  • Sustainability summary
  • Sustainability Attributes
  • LEED Gap Analysis
  • Energy Star rating/ Asset score (optional)
  • Energy Conservation Measures (optional
Verdani Partners can provide the following service:

  • Benchmark your building on Energy Star Portfolio Manager using the most recent 12 months of utility data
  • Complete all application requirements for local law compliance